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  • Oerstedella schweinfurthiana (syn Epidendendrum schweinfurthianum) - Orchids for the People

    Oerstedella schweinfurthiana (syn Epidendendrum schweinfurthianum)

    Oerstedella schweinfurthiana (syn Epidendendrum schweinfurthianum). Deflasked October 2021 and well-rooted in 2" pots. These easy-to-grow Epidendrum relatives have amazing 1" flowers with sepals and petals that are bluish-purple on the back and orange-red to bronze and a bluish-purple lip. Flowers develop in bunches of 4-10 flowers in the fall-winter. Mature plants produce wispy, flexible stems that can EASILY REACH 10 FEET LONG.  Care: cool-warm temps, indirect-bright indirect light, regular watering and fertilizer spring-fall, and let dry between light waterings in the winter.


  • Pinguicula laueana x emarginata - Orchids for the People

    Pinguicula laueana x emarginata

    Well-established blooming size (1.5-2" across) plant. This plant will be shipped bare root. Be prepared to pot this plant into a 3"+ pot. Especially good for gnats! This is a hybrid between 2 tropical butterworts, P. emarginata x P. laueana. Produces beautiful .5" shiny purple flowers with darker purple veins. The leaves turn dark green (kinda blue-green)  in bright sun and have a darker upturned margin! Flowers randomly year-round and produces lots of baby plants around the base of mature plants spring-fall. Care: must be kept moist to wet year-round. Rainwater or filtered water is mandatory for the long-term health of the plant. Cool-hot temps and bright light-direct sun. The brighter its environment, the pinker the leaves become!


  • Pleurothallis pachyglossa - Orchids for the People

    Pleurothallis pachyglossa

    Well-established blooming size plant in a 2.25" pot.  Fast-growing plant that flowers repeatedly late fall-spring. Care: Cool-Warm temps, indirect light-shade, and regular year-round watering and light feeding.


  • Pleurothallis restrepioides 'Dragonstone' - Orchids for the People

    Pleurothallis restrepioides 'Dragonstone'

    Pleurothallis restrepioides 'Dragonstone' CBR/AOS. 3 well-rooted keikis that are ready to be potted in 3-4" pots with whatever growing mix you prefer. OR well-rooted plant in 2.25" pot.This species has a bushy habit. Not only does it produce new branches from the base of the plant, but it also keikis freely from the base of each leaf creating “rooted branches”. You can leave the keikis on to get a big, bushy plant or you can easily remove them to prune or propagate.Blooms profusely in late winter. 5-10 dime-sized nodding flowers on arching spikes. The flowers are crystalline opaque white with brick-red spots covering the inside and outside of the flower.Care: This species prefers cool-warm temps, shade-indirect light, regular watering, and light feeding year-round. They aren't fond of drying out completely though they are a lot tougher than smaller pleurothallids.

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  • Last stock! Pleurothallis stricta - Orchids for the People

    Pleurothallis stricta

    Well-established blooming size plant in a 2.25" pot.A prolific flowerer spring-fall. Each flower spike will bear 5-10 small (1/2") showy flowers. A plant this size will produce 10-20 flower spikes at a time in less than 3 years if grown well. Care: Cool-warm temps, regular year-round watering, and shade-indirect sunlight.


  • Scaphyglottis prolifera - Orchids for the People

    Scaphyglottis prolifera

    Well-established blooming size plant in 2" pot.  This tiny flowered species is easy to grow with intermediate to warm temps, bright indirect light, and enough water and humidity to prevent it from drying out for long periods of time. It's a favorite at the nursery for its forking growth pattern that creates an open yet bushy plant.


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