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  • Deflasking Kit - Orchids for the People

    Deflasking Kit

    The hardest part of growing orchids is deflasking and establishing babies. Here at Orchids For The People we deflasked over 5,000 orchids last year.This kit is everything you need to deflask 1 flask of orchid seedlings just the way we do!From years of trial and error, we have developed this method that has improved survivability of seedlings to over 85% in the winter and over 92% spring-fall!Orchid flasks are not cheap and who wants to risk killing even 1 potentially unique, award-quality plant? This kit is a great investment for the health of your new babies! Kit includes:1. Pot2. Coco fiber3. 4-star grade New Zealand sphagnum moss4. Daconil fungicide5. Proprietary blend of mycorrhizal fungi that helps protect the plants and stimulate root growth right out of the flask6. Fertilizer7. Most importantly a clear step by step direction sheet on how we deflask.

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  • Compot: Epidendrum parkinsonianum - Orchids for the People

    Compot: Epidendrum parkinsonianum

    Well-established near blooming size seedlings that can be potted or mounted immediately. This is a complete flask (30+ plants) that was compotted in the summer of 2021. I estimate there are approximately 20-25 plants in each compot. These are the only 3 available this year. We've done the chore of deflasking, all you have to do is pot them up! Great for a retailer or orchid society!This plant produces beautiful long (over 12"), fleshy, folded, pendant blue-green leaves. The large flowers have a white lip and yellow-green petals. There are usually 3-5 flowers per stem and they are fragrant (citrus/jasmine smell) especially at night. Usually flowers anytime a leaf matures, which can happen multiple times a year. Prefers to be mounted or in hanging basket.Care: Prefers cool-intermediate temps and bright indirect light. Regular watering and light feeding year-round, with a short dry period in between waterings.


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