Our story and vision

Blaine and Jennifer say, "I do!" Blaine and Jennifer Colombia advendure!Colombia adventure with Blaine and Jennifer Blaine & Jennifer Canada adventure 

It's actually a love story. Plant nerd meets girl. His infectious enthusiasm for orchids charmed her and won her heart. Their love grew and blossomed, as did their orchid collection (it was really out of control). One day Jennifer told Blaine, "Stop buying, or start selling!" thinking that would curb his orchid habit.  But it didn't, and that was the birth of Orchids for the People.

Blaine and Jennifer started their business in Arcata, CA with a small greenhouse selling orchids at local farmers' markets and online. In 2001, they moved to their current location in McKinleyville, CA. Nestled in the redwoods and only 2 miles from the Pacific ocean, the mild weather and temperatures are a perfect fit for growing cool to warm growing orchids.

Our Vision

We want every person to be successful growing orchids. Orchids for the People shares their knowledge, skills, and experiences to help struggling and experienced growers alike to be more successful.  
We cater to the curious, and long-time addict.  


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