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  • Brassocattleya Valencia Beauty - Orchids for the People

    Brassocattleya Valencia Beauty

    Brassocattleya Valencia Beauty (Brassavola nodosa x Cattleya Interglossa). Well-established seedlings in 2.25" pots. 2 years from flowering size.This is a remake of Brassocattleya Valencia Beauty using 2 great, large-flowered parents. Pictured are each of the parent plants, and 2 sibling plants. These are seed grown. There will be variations from plant to plant. Care: Bright indirect light, cool-warm temps, regular watering and fertilizer spring-fall, and let dry between light waterings in the winter.


  • Pleurothallis teageui - Orchids for the People

    Pleurothallis teaguei

    Well-established near-blooming size plants in 3.25" pots. This is one of the largest species of the genus (some taxonomists place it into the genus Acronia).  The leaves, which are reddish-purple when young, can be almost 18" across and 24" tip to top. Flowers in the summer with as many as 20 quarter-dollar-sized flowers emerging at the top of the leaf and resting on the leaf. Each long-lasting (years) leaf will flower multiple times. If you have the room it really is a stunning plant.Care: Cool to warm temps, regular watering throughout the year, and prefers a moderately shady spot.


  • Last stock! Epidendrum fimbriatum - Orchids for the People

    Epidendrum fimbriatum

    Well-established near-blooming size seedlings in 2.25" pot pr mounted on madrone wood!Epidendrum fimbriatum is a very small (12-18"), cool growing species from the Andes region of South America. Once mature this plant produces little white flowers with purple dots year round. Care: cold-intermediate temps, indirect light, high humidity, and lots of airflow.  

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  • Last stock! Epidendrum parkinsonianum - Orchids for the People

    Epidendrum parkinsonianum

    Well-established, near-blooming size seedlings in 3" net pot, approximately 12-24 months from blooming.This plant produces beautiful long (over 12"), fleshy, folded, pendant blue-green leaves. The large flowers have a white lip and yellow-green petals. There are usually 3-5 flowers per stem and they are fragrant (citrus/jasmine smell), especially at night. Usually flowers anytime a leaf matures, which can happen multiple times a year. Prefers to be mounted or in a hanging basket.Care: Prefers cool-intermediate temps and bright indirect light. Regular watering and light feeding year-round, with a short dry period in between waterings.


  • Epidendrum coronatum x Encyclia cordigera - Orchids for the People

    Epidendrum coronatum x Encyclia cordigera

    Well-established seedlings in 2" pots. This is an in-house hybrid and available exclusively from Orchids for the People! These plants should bloom in 12-18 months if cared for properly.This is a sibling cross of 2 interesting species. Epi coronatum is a medium sized plant with large (for an Epi, 1.5+") creamy white, fragrant flowers. Enc cordigera is a medium sized plant with 3" dark purple fragrant flowers. We have no idea what they are going to look like but are hoping for rather large, fragrant flowers on a fairly compact plant.


  • Last stock! Stanhopea (jenischiana x tigrina) - Orchids for the People

    Stanhopea (jenischiana x tigrina)

    Near blooming-sized seedling in a 4" octagonal basket. 6-18 months from flowering. The reverse hybrid is registered as Stanhopea Nina Rach but I could find no images of it. Expecting large flowers, hopefully with a bright yellow/gold background and plenty of brick red splotches.Care: Cool to warm temps and low to medium light. Regular watering year-round but allow to dry slightly between waterings.


  • Last stock! Coelogyne trinervis - Orchids for the People

    Coelogyne trinervis

    Near blooming size division (2 old bulbs and at least 1 new growth) in a 3.25" pot.Beautiful, pendant flower spikes develop in the fall and carry 5-10 silver dollar-sized fragrant flowers. Flowers are light yellow with gold highlights on the lip and column. Care: Cool-warm temps, shade-indirect light, and regular year-round watering and light feeding.


  • Cattleya (Interglossa x Interceps) - Orchids for the People

    Cattleya (Interglossa x Interceps)

    Large, well-established near-blooming size plant in a 3.25" pot. These seedlings may bloom this year, definitely in 2024. The flower picture(s) are the 2 parents of this new hybrid. We do not have flower photos of these babies yet but we expect big, soft pink flowers with darker pink spots and lip. The new growth has dark pigment spots which is indicative of spotted flowers. Fast growing and showing great hybrid vigor! Care: Bright indirect light, regular watering and light feeding spring-fall with a slight drying period in the winter.


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