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  • Coelogyne Unchained Melody - Orchids for the People

    Coelogyne Unchained Melody

    Coelogyne Unchained Melody (C cristata x C flaccida). Well-established blooming size plant in a 3.25" pot, with at least one new growth.Long-lasting crystalline white flowers (3" across) have a nice contrasting light yellow throat. Spikes will have up to 15 or so flowers on large plants. Very fragrant with a scent similar to narcissus.This plant is a fast grower, with each bulb producing 2 or 3 new bulbs. Flowers in the late winter and early fall.


  • Pleurothallis teageui - Orchids for the People

    Pleurothallis teaguei

    Well-established near-blooming size plants in 3.25" pots. This is one of the largest species of the genus (some taxonomists place it into the genus Acronia).  The leaves, which are reddish-purple when young, can be almost 18" across and 24" tip to top. Flowers in the summer with as many as 20 quarter-dollar-sized flowers emerging at the top of the leaf and resting on the leaf. Each long-lasting (years) leaf will flower multiple times. If you have the room it really is a stunning plant.Care: Cool to warm temps, regular watering throughout the year, and prefers a moderately shady spot.


  • Masdevallia rolfeana - Orchids for the People

    Masdevallia rolfeana

    This is a blooming size plant that is currently in a 3.25" pot and ready to be repotted into a 4" pot. If you are into Masdevallias, this is a nice, easy to grow species.  Beautiful dark mahogany flowers with a yellow throat. The plants get huge but are best kept smaller as the flowers tend to hide in the foliage on short stems. This is a great Masdevallia for mounting--it shows off the flowers! 

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  • Maxillaria (picta x tenuifolia) - Orchids for the People

    Maxillaria (picta x tenuifolia)

    Well-established seedlings in 2.25" pots. 18-24 months from flowering size.I included pictures of both parents. I have no idea what the flowers are going to look or smell like but I have high hopes!We took the relatively small and amazingly fragrant (this is the "coconut cream pie orchid") Maxillaria tenuifolia and crossed it with the Maxillaria species that has some of the coolest looking flowers, M picta 'Vasher'. M picta is also fragrant and the flowers are about twice the size of M tenuifolia. So far, the stature and structure look more like M tenuifolia with long wispy leaves atop big, round bulbs. Get 'em while they are cheap!  Care: Bright indirect light, cool-warm temps, regular watering, and fertilizer spring-fall and let dry between light waterings in the winter.


  • Oerstedella schweinfurthiana (syn Epidendendrum schweinfurthianum) - Orchids for the People

    Oerstedella schweinfurthiana (syn Epidendendrum schweinfurthianum)

    Oerstedella schweinfurthiana (syn Epidendendrum schweinfurthianum). Deflasked October 2021 and well-rooted in 2" pots. These easy-to-grow Epidendrum relatives have amazing 1" flowers with sepals and petals that are bluish-purple on the back and orange-red to bronze and a bluish-purple lip. Flowers develop in bunches of 4-10 flowers in the fall-winter. Mature plants produce wispy, flexible stems that can EASILY REACH 10 FEET LONG.  Care: cool-warm temps, indirect-bright indirect light, regular watering and fertilizer spring-fall, and let dry between light waterings in the winter.


  • Brassavola nodosa x Anacheilium sceptrum - Orchids for the People

    Brassavola nodosa x Anacheilium sceptrum

    An Orchids for the People in-house hybrid!A very nice compact, upright, easy-to-grow orchid. The flowers are 1.5" wide with yellow petals and a wide, pointed white lip. The petals, sepals, and lip all have purple spots radiating from the center of the flower. The flower spikes produce 3-8 flowers.Care: Bright indirect light, intermediate-warm temps, regular watering, and light feeding spring-fall, with a drier rest period and no food in the winter.


  • Pholidota imbricata - Orchids for the People

    Pholidota imbricata

    Well-established blooming size plant in a 3.25" pot. These plants are ready for a 3"-4" pot or hanging basket. Also known as the Rattlesnake orchid (the unopened flower spikes resemble a rattlesnake rattle), this plant produces long chains of flowers similar to a Dendrochilum. Each spike will produce 25-100 pearl-size fragrant flowers that open in a spiral pattern. The plant has attractive, stiff, very dark green leaves. Care: Indirect light-shade, cool-warm temps, regular watering and light feeding spring-fall with a slightly drier rest period in the winter.


  • Last stock! Pholidota cantonensis - Orchids for the People

    Pholidota cantonensis

    Well-established blooming size division in a 3.25" pot. This is a cute little rambling orchid! Easy to grow, this species produces 5-15 tiny crystalline white flowers on 1-3 inch arching/pendant inflorescences in the spring. This is a great plant for vivariums! Care: This species is pretty temperature tolerant, cool-warm, and does best mounted or in a hanging basket because of the longish rhizome between new growths. Bright shade-bright indirect light.


  • Anacheilium gilbertoi (syn Encyclia gilbertoi) - Orchids for the People

    Anacheilium gilbertoi (syn Encyclia gilbertoi)

    Well-established (potted in 4/22) plants with 2 leads in 4" baskets.The nickel-sized flowers are quite pretty and abundant on larger plants. Each flower spike will produce 5-15 flowers and they can last several months.Rarely available, this hardy, rambling Encyclia relative becomes a big plant in no time. For this reason, this species is best grown in hanging baskets so the new growths can envelop the basket and then continue to send new growth out into space! I do not recommend this plant for benchtop growing because it will crawl out of its pot and into every other pot near it.Care: Cool-intermediate temps, bright indirect light, regular watering, and light feeding spring-fall with a drier rest period in the winter.


  • Last stock! Bulbophyllum obtusipetalum - Orchids for the People

    Bulbophyllum obtusipetalum

    Well-established blooming size plant in a 3.25" pot. Limited quantity available!This is a large-leafed (16"+) bulbophyllum that stays very compact for its size. This species does equally well mounted, in hanging baskets, or in a pot. Flower spikes that are nearly 2' long and covered with up to 50 small, white, pleasantly-fragrant flowers (unlike most other Bulbophyllums). This species tends to flower all at once (in the spring for us) and puts on quite a show!Care: cool-warm temps, indirect light and regular year-round watering and light feeding.


  • Dendrochilum pangasinanense - Orchids for the People

    Dendrochilum pangasinanense

    Well-established blooming size plant in a 2" pot. Limited supply! Dendrochilums are often called 'grass orchids' for their leaves or 'fox tail orchids' for their beautiful displays of long, many-flowered spikes. D. pangasinanense is a small (4" tall) sized Dendrochilum with spikes that will carry 20-30 bright green flowers. They tend to bloom multiple times a year, summer-winter.A small, fast-growing plant that flowers repeatedly late fall-spring. Great for terrariums, vivariums, small grow spaces, and anyone who loves minis!Care: Cool-warm temps, indirect light, regular watering, and light feeding year-round.


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