The Dendrobium genus of orchids contains over 1,800 species, though some sources say the number is closer to 1,200 or 900. These tropical orchids are native to Asia and the Pacific, from tropical lowlands to altitudes of 10,000 feet. Many Dendrobium species are epiphytic or lithophytic, meaning they grow on trees or rocks, but some are terrestrial.  

If you are seeing these growing hints from a QR code from our plants, you are in the right place! Otherwise, be sure to know what kind of Dendrobium you have before looking for growing instructions.

Light & Air  They need an abundance of light, but not direct sun. A lightly shaded South window is best. East or West facing windows are satisfactory if bright (avoid direct sun except at the beginning or end of the day). Air movement is essential at all times, but especially critical when the humidity is very high.

Temperature   Dendrobiums can withstand hot weather if adequate ventilation and humidity are provided. They do best when the temperature is between 65°F and 75°F in the day and between 55°F. to 60°F. at night.

Humidity  A minimum humidity of 50% is generally considered a necessity. However it does not need to be constant, in the home, morning misting and or gravel trays (Remember not to sit the pot directly on the gravel) are usually enough.

Water & Fertilizer  Always water orchids in the morning so that the leaves are dry before night. How often to water depends on the potting media used, the type of pot (plastic or clay), and the size of the pot. Dendrobiums do not like to be potted in large pots, and are often as much as ten times as tall as the pot is wide. Because they are usually large plants in relatively small pots, watering twice a week is about average. They like to be watered well, drained well and like to be almost dry before re-watering. Feed plants with a fertilizer with an even formula (if not specific to orchids, then use at quarter strength of what the instructions say) twice a month in the Summer, every three weeks - Spring & Fall, and once a month in the Winter.




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