Oncidiums  Known as the "dancing lady" orchid because, as you can see, the flowers resemble dancing ladies. They are epiphytic, meaning they have pseudobulbs that store water and nutrients. They come in most colors, and flower size is smaller than most orchids. Oncidiums  have many, many flowers on each spike. Onc. Sharry Baby and Onc. Gower’s Ramsey are two very strong varieties.

Light & Air  Oncidiums like about a half day of sunlight. If their leaves start lightening, bleaching out or burning, that means they're getting too much light.  Humidity is important to Oncidiums.

Temperature  A temperature of about 50°F is the coolest you can have before flowers will suffer. Oncidiums prefer warmer temperatures like 70-85°F day, 55-70°F night.

Water & Fertilizing  Oncidiums should become moderately dry in between waterings. Water your plant when, after lifting the pot, it feels like it doesn't have any water left in the mix.  Use a high nitrogen fertilizer during the growing season, but don't overfertilize. You can reduce the amount of fertilizer you use if you're using tap water, and use plain water in between to flush out salt buildup.

Potting  Repot every year or two.


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