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  • Last stock! Maxillaria tenuifolia - Orchids for the People

    Maxillaria tenuifolia

    Large, well-established blooming size plant in a 3.25" pot.  The coconut cream pie orchid! With some orchids, they're fragrant but it's a stretch to call them "chocolate" or "vanilla". With this plant, it smells like there is a pie in the oven! This plant is one of our favorites. It grows fast and flowers well when treated nicely. The flowers are small (1.5" across) but a plant in a 6" pot may have 100 or more at the same time. Care: Cool to warm climate, bright indirect light, let dry out between light waterings in winter.


  • Last stock! Pholidota chinensis - Orchids for the People

    Pholidota chinensis

    Well-established blooming size plant in a 3.25" pot.  A beautiful, medium-sized orchid that produces long chains of small, lantern-shaped creamy white fragrant flowers. The foliage is also interesting. If you grow it shady the plant stays dark green. If you grow it with a little sun, the leaves turn orange from the tip. Care: Cool-warm, bright indirect light, regular watering, and light feeding throughout the year with slight drying between waterings.


  • Stanhopea (oculata x tigrina v. nigroviolacea) - Orchids for the People

    Stanhopea (oculata x tigrina v. nigroviolacea)

    Well established, near blooming size seedlings in a 2.25" pot. These plants are 1-2 years from blooming and should be repotted into baskets next spring. This should be an interesting cross and it will be fragrant!  Care: Intermediate to warm temps, regular watering, and light fertilizer throughout the year and prefers a moderately shady spot. The flower pics are the parent plants but we can only speculate on what these seedlings' flowers will look like. The plant picture is representative of the plant that will be shipped to the buyer.


  • Holcoglossum kimballianum - Orchids for the People

    Holcoglossum kimballianum

    Well-established blooming-size plants mounted on Madrone.Beautiful white, crystalline white petals and sepals with a purple lip. The upper sepal twists and juts forward and resembles a mohawk. Very light fragrance. Spikes produce up to 20 flowers when fully mature (the plants in this listing are seedlings flowering for the first time last year). Terete leaves are 6-8" long. Branches when mature and develops into an open, shrubby plant. Care: Intermediate-warm temps, bright indirect light, regular (every 1-2 days) watering spring-fall with a slightly drier winter rest. Regular light-feeding spring-fall. Best mounted or grown in a basket.


  • Miltoniopsis Bert Field 'Crimson Glow' - Orchids for the People

    Miltoniopsis Bert Field 'Crimson Glow'

    Well-established blooming size plant in a 3.25" pot.This beautiful pansy orchid produces 3-7+ flowers per spike spring-summer. The long-lasting, 2" wide x 3" tall, velvety crimson red flowers have a beautiful "angel" pattern in the center. And they smell like roses! What's not to like?Care: bright indirect light, regular watering (they do not like to dry out completely) and light feeding year round, and cool to intermediate temps.


  • Last stock! Coelogyne fimbriata 'Mini' - Orchids for the People

    Coelogyne fimbriata 'Mini'

    Large, well-established blooming size division in a 3.25" pot. Flower spikes develop in the fall-winter and carry 1-3 silver quarter-sized creamy yellow flowers. The lip is very dark brick-red and is hairy. Care: Cool-warm temps, shade-indirect light and regular year-round watering and light feeding.


  • Last stock! Pleurothallis ruscifolia - Orchids for the People

    Pleurothallis ruscifolia

    Well-established blooming size plant in a 2.25" pot. 15-30 small, fragrant vibrant yellow flowers seem to erupt out of the base of the leaf! When in full flower the plant seems to be covered in little yellow pompoms!Care: Cool-warm temps, shade-indirect light and regular year round watering and light feeding. This species should never be allowed to dry out completely.


  • Coelogyne speciosa - Orchids for the People

    Coelogyne speciosa

    Well-established blooming size plant in a 3.25" pot. Known as the  Beautiful Coelogyne, this species blooms sequentially with 1 to 3 flowers per spike. The musky scented flowers arise out of the center of a new pseudobulb growth and can bloom at any time of the year but most often in spring and summer. The flowers are about 6 cm in diameter. The lip is white with orange-brown or dark brown spots. The large side lobes of the lip are brown or red and curve up to form a tube that almost completely covers the spine. Care: Cool to hot temps, indirect-bright indirect light, regular year-round watering and light feeding. The warmer the growing conditions, the more often it should be watered.


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