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  • Anacheilium (gilbertoi x radiatum) - Orchids for the People

    Anacheilium (gilbertoi x radiatum)

    Well-established, near-blooming size plant in a 3.25" pot.I'm excited about this new in-house Anacheilium hybrid! The flowers, which are non-resupinate and about the size of a quarter, have butter-yellow petals with a sprinkling of purple dots. The nicely rounded white lip is accentuated by purple stripes. This is the first year they have bloomed and most plants have had 3-5 flowers per spike. We expect the flower count to be 5-10 flowers/spike as the plants mature. Spring-summer bloomer.Care: Intermediate-warm temps, bright indirect light, regular watering, and light feeding spring-fall with a slightly drier rest period in the winter. These are seedlings so the flowers will vary slightly from plant to plant.


  • Anthurium scandens - Orchids for the People

    Anthurium scandens

    A small, epiphytic, vining (the only Anthurium that is a vine), creeper widely distributed from southern Mexico to Central and South America, where it grows in a variety of habitats, at altitudes between sea level and 2700 m. It grows a well-developed system of roots to support the fleshy stems with elliptical leaves, glossy green above and mottled brown below, an upright or sometimes pendent inflorescence followed by very attractive, lavender, pearl-shaped berries. Care: This is an easy to care for plant! Bright indirect light, temps 58°F-80°F, and regular watering and light feeding year-round. When repotting use 50/50 small orchid bark and soil, or any orchid potting medium. May also be potted in a hanging basket or mounted. 


  • Last stock! BLC Rutledge 'Carmela' - Orchids for the People

    BLC Rutledge 'Carmela'

    Well-established blooming size plant in a 3.25" pot. For a compact (not mini!) Catt hybrid this plant has pretty big flowers! The 4-5" wide crystalline white flowers have a beautiful gold throat that contrasts nicely with the rest of the flower.Care: Bright indirect light, intermediate-warm temps, regular watering, and light feeding spring-fall with a slightly drier winter rest.


  • Brassavola nodosa x Anacheilium sceptrum - Orchids for the People

    Brassavola nodosa x Anacheilium sceptrum

    An Orchids for the People in-house hybrid!A very nice compact, upright, easy-to-grow orchid. The flowers are 1.5" wide with yellow petals and a wide, pointed white lip. The petals, sepals, and lip all have purple spots radiating from the center of the flower. The flower spikes produce 3-8 flowers.Care: Bright indirect light, intermediate-warm temps, regular watering, and light feeding spring-fall, with a drier rest period and no food in the winter.


  • Brassocattleya Valencia Beauty - Orchids for the People

    Brassocattleya Valencia Beauty

    This listing is for Brassocattleya Valencia Beauty (Brassavola nodosa x Cattleya Interglossa). Well-established blooming-size plants in 3.25" pots.This is a remake of Brassocattleya Valencia Beauty using 2 great, large-flowered parents (pictured). These plants are seedlings, not mericlone plants, so each one is unique. If you like to get your plants judged, this is your chance to give a plant a clonal name! Also pictured are a trio of siblings, so you can see the diversity so far in this hybrid. Plus, the flowers are relatively large in proportion to the compact growth habit of the plant.Care: Bright indirect light, cool-warm temps, regular watering and fertilizer spring-fall, and let dry between light waterings in the winter.


  • Bulbophyllum dentiferum - Orchids for the People

    Bulbophyllum dentiferum

    Bulbophyllum dentiferum. These are fast-growing intermediate-hot climate orchids. They prefer partial shade and plenty of water year round. Plant produces a 6-8" spike with an umbel of 10-20 flowers. The flowers have a white background with purple spots on the petals, sepals, and lip! This plant does well in pots, baskets or mounted.


  • Last stock! Bulbophyllum lobbii v. Polystictum - Orchids for the People

    Bulbophyllum lobbii v. Polystictum

    Recent divisions in a 3.25" pot. All plants have a new growth since being repotted. Easy to grow Bulbo that produces huge (3-4" across and 6" tall) butter yellow flowers with purple markings and a hinged purple lip. Leaves are large for a Bulbophyllum, approx 18". Flowers randomly Spring-Fall in our nursery.  Care: Intermediate-hot temps, indirect light and year round regular watering.


  • Last stock! Bulbophyllum lopalanthum - Orchids for the People

    Bulbophyllum lopalanthum

    Bulbophyllum lopalanthum (syn. Sunipia grandiflora). Mounted on madrone. This is a large, well-established blooming size plant. This plant is fully rooted to the mount, no strings or wires to detract from the overall beauty of the plant. Mounted on a nicely gnarled 5" long madrone branch.  Here's one for you mini and Bulbo growers! A beautiful plant with large (for the size of the plant) interesting flowers. The sepals and petals are clear, almost see-through, with purple stripes and tiny hairs along the margins. The lip is purple with a purple fringe on the margin. Flowers late summer to fall.Care: indirect light, cool-warm temps, and regular year-round watering.


  • Bulbophyllum pardolatum - Orchids for the People

    Bulbophyllum pardolatum

    Well-established blooming size division in 3" clear net pot.Blooms randomly year round with single flowered inflorescence that bears a burnt orange flower with dark spots. Flowers are about the size of a quarter. Care: Cool to intermediate temps, and likes shade to indirect sun. Regular year-round watering with light feeding. 


  • Last stock! Bulbophyllum trachyanthum - Orchids for the People

    Bulbophyllum trachyanthum

    Well-established blooming size seedling plant in a 3.25" pot. These plants are ready for mounting or hanging baskets (either is preferable to a pot for adult plants). Very Limited!The flowers of this species are unusual, even for a Bulbophyllum! Each flower is almost 3" long from top to bottom. The maroon background is darkest at the top and highlighted by yellow spots (it resembles snakeskin to me) and slowly fades to white on the bottom sepals. It's beautiful and weird at the same time! Flowers in the winter.Care: Prefers cool-intermediate temps, Indirect light, and moderate year-round food and water.


  • Cattleya (Interglossa x Interceps) - Orchids for the People

    Cattleya (Interglossa x Interceps)

    Beautiful semi-peloric flowers! The lip and petals are purple and the sepals are green with purple spots. New growth has dark pigment spots which is indicative of spotted flowers. Fast growing and showing great hybrid vigor!Please note: These are seedlings, not mericlone plants. Each plant will be unique. So far, all have followed a theme: semi-peloric with purple petals and lip, and green sepals with purple dots.Care: Bright indirect light, regular watering and light feeding spring-fall with a slight drying period in the winter.


  • Cattleya Interglossa x Encyclia radiata - Orchids for the People

    Cattleya Interglossa x Encyclia radiata

    Well-established near-blooming size seedlings in 2.25" pots. If treated properly, these plants will bloom next year!Flower pictures are from both parent plants. We expect the plant size (compact), flower shape and size (1"), and a number of flowers per spike (5-10) to be similar to the E radiata parent while the color should be a little lighter and have spots (from the C Interglossa parent). These seedlings may even be fragrant. Remember, this is our best guess and everything will vary from seedling to seedling. Care: Bright indirect light, cool-warm temps, regular watering and fertilizer spring-fall and let dry between light waterings in the winter.


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